It’s this time of the year again. Twitter is full with transfer rumours, reports translated with Google Translate and general meltdown because club X hasn’t signed a player yet. For some parts of football media and fan scene, this is the best time of the year but generally, most people are just waiting for August to watch the domestic leagues start again. So, what is gonna happen in these months and how do we get through it?

  1.  Who will join?

There is obviously no way to know who will be joining the Spurs squad until the end (unless someone lives inside Poch or Levy – if you do let me know) but there are certain positions where new acquisitions seem likely. Considering that Poch has wanted a real winger for a long time now, this should be the main target. Other targets include a Midfielder in the mold of Mousa Dembele and a Ballplaying Central Defender. Currently, it does not seem like Kyle Walker will leave but if he does, a new right back should be the main target.

Players that have been heavily linked with Spurs in the recent months actually don’t include a Winger. There was prolonged interest in Zaha, but his asking price put Spurs off and he recently extended his contract at Palace so that seems unlikely. Ross Barkley keeps getting linked with Spurs and recently Joel Veltman joined that club. There are people who believe that Ross Barkley could be a Dembele 2.0 (Spoiler: Nope). But if you want to to know more about him and Veltman, check out the section at the bottom.

Another player that has been heavily linked is Ryan Sessegnon. Technically Spurs don’t need another LB but he could be a gamble worth taking given his obvious talent and the fact that he’s only gonna get more expensive.

2. Who won’t join?

Despite recent success, the move to Wembley and the incoming move to the new stadium and also partially because of the new stadium, Spurs don’t have a lot of money compared to the other top clubs in England. That being said, they managed to find 30 million for Moussa Sissoko about 10 months ago. That should be about the maximum amount of money Spurs will spend on a player this season. It’s also highly unlikely that Poch and Levy will break up the wage structure for a new signing and not for the international class players like Kane, Alli or Eriksen already at the club.

The main problem for Spurs is, that they have a hard time competing with similar clubs when it comes to the money so they might lose out on some players. On the other hand, the new stadium and the fact that they are in the Champions League again might help.

3. Who will leave?

Like every season, some of the fringe players will inevitably leave the club. This includes Kevin Wimmer who probably won’t ever be first choice for Spurs and could bring in a good profit if Spurs managed to sell him to another club in England – Southampton are supposedly interested. N’Koudou was bad punt and there is no real reason to keep him so he’s probably off if there are any offers, same goes for Sissoko – with him it is just about damage limitation.

There have been reports suggesting that Vincent Janssen is going to leave – possibly on loan but it seems very unlikely unless Poch considers Son to be the first backup for Kane and even then it would leave the striker department with just two players and with Son being a main consideration in another position, that seems weird.

4. Reading and Watching

The summer is always a great time to do some football-related reading.  There are some all-time classics like Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson or The Nowhere Men by Michael Calvin that are always great but there’s also some much shorter Spurs related stuff that I can only recommend.

First of all, @spurs_report and @TTTactics did some very good Q&A on their respective blogs. If you’re into some evil numbers wizardry, check out what Chance Analytics did on Spurs. If you’re bored and/or want to take a look at the construction site of the new stadium you can do so.  And while you’re at it, also check out Nathan and his Punkrock voice about Harry Kane.

If you are in the “Don’t sign Ross Barkley club” @kevinmccauley  is a prominent supporter and if you just wanna know more about him general look here and hereJoel Veltman, Jean Michael Seri and Ryan Sessegnon(supposed targets) have also been profiled. And to round things up, read about Poch.

If you have anything else, let me know and give me a follow at Twitter @alexthfc04.

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